Language Fallback not working for Sitecore Sidekick

Here’s a quick one, I like to use Sitecore Sidekick to quickly test bits of code.

The other day I couldn’t get language fallback to work for the life of me.

After some sleep and some driving (the best time to think) I worked out that it might be because the Sidekick app runs in a weird context.

A bit of debugging and it turns out that:
SiteContext.Current = null

I was expecting maybe “shell”.

So adding the following around the code made language fallback suddenly work:

using (new SiteContextSwitcher(SiteContext.GetSite("shell")))

I’m going to also detail some interesting details of how language fallback operates when performing certain actions via the item API but I’ll put that in a separate post to keep them organised 🙂


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