Can We Build It 2: SIM Proof Of Concept

I’ve added my SIM code to a forked repo here: and sent a pull request. Hopefully the powers that be will accept it 🙂 EDIT: It looks like they have – so this functionality should become available with a future release of SIM 😀

I’ve made progress with my proof of concept on creating a SIM started project which sits outside of the Sitecore Website folder. We have a zip containing our project files, and a manifest.xml file. We have to make sure that the zip and manifest are correctly named (e.g. and MyProject.manifest.xml).

Our manifest becomes a little more complex – here we are updating the namespaces within views web.config/.scproj and .sln files, renaming files and then moving the whole lot out to sit parallel with the Website folder rather than being within it.


I’ve not set up the Sitecore references, you could either do this with the new Nuget package(s) or if you definitely wanted it to match the version of Sitecore you’re installing – you could add some “copy” edit file actions to copy the DLLs in to a reference folder in the Code folder.

Here’s the web.config with the variable which gets replaced (the csproj and sln files are similar):

<add namespace="Kumquat.{InstanceName}" />

I love the way SIM handles these manifest commands – there’s loads we could do with this and I think I’ve only just scratched the surface with how it could be harnessed.


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