Decisions decisions (tech we’re going to use)

Before we start drawing up some wire-frames and deciding the shape of this thing – we’re going to decide on some technologies and things we’re going to use. Why decide now? Because some of these things will affect the design and functionality decisions we make but mostly because it’ll make me excited about the tech.


Why? Because it looks pretty cool and I want an excuse to dig in to it. We’ll do our best to stick to its design decisions but if I don’t agree with them I’ll be sure to blog about it 😉


How amazing is Unicorn? Very. And it’s used by Habitat so really it’s a no brainer.

Team City & Octopus

Lovely lovely Octopus. I’ll also try and unit test as much as I can (so not at all ;))

Template Mapping

Oh I don’t know! I’m torn between Glass & Fortis. I like them both and have used them both on successful Sitecore implementations. My head said I should use native Sitecore functionality but my heart says MAP ALL THE THINGS. Maybe I’ll open this up for discussion with my passionate friends – I’m leaning towards Fortis but probably only because I used that on my last project.


At first I thought the YouTube connector but can we reliably create private videos with that? I’m not sure. I might use the Picturepark connector – that would make for an interesting set of blogs. I’ll decide for definite in the next week or so.

Simple Injector

Because it’s ace.

So – there’s more than that but I’m going to bed.. Next time I’ll draw up some wireframes and by then I’ll be hungry to get coding!


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