Let’s Make Something With Sitecore

So I figure I should make something instead of breaking stuff (and Sitecore keep fixing the things I’m going to blog about – boo!) but this should be a part of a longer project. Lets try and build a whole site and blog the experience.

And that’s how I want to start. With the experience. This is very much an experiment – based on numerous builds I’ve worked on where the system is already in place and the whole personalisation side is either not implemented (yet..?) or feels like it’s tacked on.

Lets turn it on its head then. The design starts with the experience. So what are we going to build?

I love comedy & poetry – so we’re going to build a comic poetry website.

Who are the (important) users?

  1. People who like poetry / comedy
  2. Promoters / bookers
  3. People interested in Sitecore

What are our targets?

  1. Encourage poetry / comedy fans to read or watch more on the website
  2. Ultimately get users to sign up to the website
  3. Get promoters / bookers to get in touch as easily as possible
  4. Direct people interested in Sitecore to the blog
  5. Encourage people interested in Sitecore to find out about my company

How can we do this?

  1. Personalise the suggested poetry:
    1. Track tags on pages they view
    2. Ask users to rank pages to see if they like them
  2. Offer secret videos to signed up users (live recordings?)
  3. Booking CTA on every page
  4. Have some sections explaining the technology behind everything – direct to this blog & the company website.

We’re going to start with that. We’ll move on to variant testing and all that good stuff but lets start with some basic personalisation and good ground work.

Next blog, we’re going to start thinking about the technologies and techniques we’re going to use. We’re doing that early because they will help guide the design process – a firm understanding of the underlying technology will help to set us free.

I once found a dinosaur
In my kitchen sink
Despite the expert’s point of view
The dinosaur was pink.


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