DLL Smell


I’ve been on holiday (camping in the cold and wind) so I’ve had to take a break from breaking Sitecore and settle for breaking the spirit of my two daughters. An ant bit my eldest daughter on her eyebrow. Perfect camping experience.

EDIT: Turns out there’s an even better way to do this (thanks to @jammykam for pointing this out: https://jammykam.wordpress.com/2016/01/20/excluding-sitecore-assemblies-from-deployment/ – Original post left for posterity…

Just a little one today. If you’re building a module that has to work against multiple versions of Sitecore (and tbh this is good practice generally) make sure you set all the Sitecore DLLs to “Copy Local: False”:


If you don’t – and you publish in to the wrong version of Sitecore – it’ll do something like this:


I would also recommend having branches for SC7.x and SC8.x – I try to ensure that everything is compatible with both versions (sometimes that’s not possible). In the case of config differences I’ll add a config for each applicable version and default to the right one in each branch.

I’ll try and do a longer post next week – the first 2 things I tried to do look like they’ve been sorted in the latest version of Sitecore. Go Team Sitecore!


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